Grow your Sales Pipeline with Secure LinkedIn Outreach

Growth Lead is a B2B social selling for Linkedin that helps you scale your outreach.


Saving up to 4 hours per day

Close more deals faster

Skyrocket your sales productivity

How It Works

Our simple, 4-step social automation process allows you to take your sales prospecting and social selling game to the next level. Growth Lead takes 5 minutes to set up and runs seamlessly in the background so you can focus on closing.

Connect your LinkedIn account and search for your ideal customer profile

Design and set up personalised connection message and follow-up's

Start your campaign and get all the conversion rates from dashboard overview

Improve conversions with analytics and reporting

Identify and Find Prospects

Using our advanced filtering feature, you can find your perfect prospects for your outbound process. The most up-to-date and sophisticated prospect search

  • Super-targeted reach
  • Compatible with Sales Navigator
  • Compatible with LinkedIn Recruiter

Automate multiple campaigns

Once you set your prospecting criteria, you can automatically create multiple campaigns for different market segment.

  • Automate campaign creation for multiple segments
  • Automate the personalisation process

Schedule unlimited messages

Scale your prospect nurturing process by scheduling unlimited messages. Auto follow-ups allow you to maximise your response rates and increase appointments.

  • Smart reply detection
  • Unlimited nurturing

Get better campaign insights

Get key insights with up-to-date metrics of your LinkedIn prospecting campaign to better understand things like your connection volumes and response rates.

  • Make smarter optimisations
  • Create data-driven changes

LinkedIn AI Inbox 📩 better than the original

Manage all your LinkedIn automation from one place.

Our inbox provides powerful features to organise, manage, sort and stay on top of your connections & prospects.

  • AI reply detection
  • Advanced filters
  • Tags
  • Notes

.. and much more

Secure Prospecting

Enjoy Secure prospecting without having to worry about security-related issues.

Advanced Filtering

Use our filtering feature to add, remove or organise highly-targeted prospects.

Message sequencing

Leverage your current and future contacts by bulk messaging for updates and new value.

Solid. Smart. And Delightfully Simple.

CRM Integration

Sync connections, contact information and hot leads directly through to your favourite CRM system using Zapier.

Compatible with Sales Navigator & Recruiter

Amplify your sales navigator account by enabling a higher degree of targeting that allows you access to a higher calibre of contacts.

GDPR Compliant Prospecting

Cold emailing and calling will soon become obsolete in Europe. That’s when we come in as alternative way for consensual outreach, at scale.

What our users say

One of the best service in the market. If you take your prospecting seriously, GrowthLead takes it to another level with Zapier.

Josh Fechter

Founder - BAMF Media

I’ve always been skeptic of Cold emailing & calling, and GrowthLead has saved our business by allowing us to generate leads incredibly quickly.


Sales Director - Contentflow

GrowthLead is awesome and is a must-have for B2B social selling! This is a brilliant platform that saves time and money on lead generation, reduces stress and gets you connected to relevant prospects across your target industries, and fast.

Bianca Caplan

Director of Cellular Attitude

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