Answers to most common question about LinkedIn automation and GrowthLead

GrowthLead is a LinkedIn automation tool that enables you to amplify (or scale) your prospecting, reaching thousands of people a month. You can send targeted mass invites and drip campaigns like you would with marketing automation.

We have advanced human-like randomization and algorithms to ensure real activity. Alongside that we provide dedicated IP's which have led us to have near 0% ban rate. Not to mention, limitations and usage to comply with LinkedIn rules.

We have three main packages: Basic Package $70, Pro Package $100 and Advanced Package $150. As well as done-for-you and agency packages.

For more information:

You will need a LinkedIn premium account if you want to have access to an advanced search criteria with Sales Navigator. For normal accounts, you can only use basic search criteria as provided by LinkedIn.

If you have Sales Navigator, you can use it with GrowthLead to add members to your campaigns. You can create a search with Sales Navigator filters or search by URL, import tagged leads or a saved search directly into your campaign.

Yes, we do. To qualify for our whitelabel program, you need to have at least 10 clients on AgencyGrowth.

Yes, we do. You can find terms & conditions here.
To apply, write to

Our results so far from the contentflow campaign:

-Average LinkedIn invite acceptance rate is 40%
-Average positive reply rate across different clients 5-15%

Note: Every industry/profile is different. There are multiple factors like your message copy, LinkedIn profile optimization, time as well as target profile and industry.

Yes, you can. We use Zapier to integrate any CRM tools you use within GrowthLead.

You can send up to 100 invites per day.

Yes, you can do it at any time.

Yes. If a prospect replies to any of your messages, they will be automatically muted from receiving any other messages.

Yes, you can. With GrowthLead you can send invites automatically on autopilot.

Yes, you can. In order to do that, you would need to sign up for the Advanced package to have the Open InMail feature in your GrowthLead account.

Yes, we do. GrowthLead will automatically withdraw any invites older than 20 days.

Yes, we do. You can find these templates in our GrowthLead e-book here.

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